Saturday, January 11, 2014

trying to find some motivation...

I have fighting my alarm since 4:50am.  It beeps, I shut it off.  It beeps again, I shut it off again.  And on went the cycle until 5:30 when I decided I needed to get up if I am to meet RP at 6:30 (we got out late on the weekend).

I start checking the weather as our plans and consequently my running outfit depends on the weather. We had already decided to run inside if it was raining, outside if not.  This is a most important step as the indoor track can reach near sauna levels of hot (not truly, but hot enough!).

Then I notice I have a text from RP, she is not feeling well and cannot run this morning.

Motivation derailed.

I want to run, I do.  It is so much easier though to get my behind out the door when I am meeting someone.  The thought of running alone indoors or going to the store for run group added to the possibility of running in the rain just has me wanting to just return to bed.

But skipping my run and going back to bed will do me no good.  I know this, I live this.

So what is a girl to do?  I looked for a bit at some online running motivation, most I have read before and some of it I find to be terribly cheesy.  One resonated more than others:

"there will be a day when you cannot do this, today is not that day"

Time to get dressed.

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  1. I know that feeling, Penny! Even though I prefer to run alone, sometimes, you just need some motivation to get you going. I will take that quote and leave it by my shoes. Thank you for sharing!