Friday, January 3, 2014

starting the year off with a ...................bang.

I finally got my first run of 2014 in early this morning.

I never quite got my last in of 2013 at least not the one I thought it would be.

Turns out I missed my traditional last day of the year/last run of the year due to being sick.  I am not often sick and typically I will run anyway.  This cold had my number and I decided to skip my last run in favor of saving up some energy for our NYE festivities at our friend's place.

I am not sorry.  I had a great time on NYE and I have learned that after nearly four years a small little unscheduled break from running will not unravel all of the good work I have put into it.

So I missed a run on December 31st, I missed a run on January 1st too.  And if you are counting I did not run on the 2nd either (it was FRIGIDLY cold however, so yeah I wasn't going to run in that).

So when RP said she could run this morning, but we should do it inside, I agreed enthusiastically.

I find my response a touch out of character for myself because 1) Friday is my workout day, not a running day and 2) I HATE running inside on the blooming indoor track!  Not that its a bad indoor track, it is actually quite nice.  (I am the lucky girl who lives in community whose AWESOME parks and rec department puts an indoor track in the HS basketball arena and allows residents to use it for free.)

But when it is terribly cold, and you haven't run in 6 days, you agree to run indoors on your workout day BEFORE meeting your workout partner (WP) for an early morning workout.

Uh huh.  Early morning and that means I met RP for 3 miles at 5:30, had a little downtime and then met WP at 6:30... thankfully at the same facility!

Sure my year started out with a slow burning fuse... and BANG!  Now I feel like Wonder Woman.

(and yes, that is my first attempt at a homemade running costume--Ghost and Goblins 2011)

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