Thursday, January 2, 2014

I am not alone...

Yes, I revealed that I will be embarking on a big huge training journey.  But have no fear!  I am not on this journey alone.

I will have the amazing support of my husband, Don, my 3 wonderful children and countless supportive friends and family members.  For you all, I am most grateful.

But that is not all! 

I have been blessed beyond measure by the gifts of great friendships since moving to the state of Ohio in 2006.  One of my first friends here has been a great supporter and we eventually became running partners.  It took me a while to catch up to her speed (over a YEAR!!!), but I eventually built up endurance and strength and now we are well matched to run together.

I won't share her name, as she tends to keep a low profile online, but I will call her "RP" (for running partner, - you know).

When I started to talk about my full marathon dreams with RP, I was astonished to hear her tell me "Okay, let's do it!".  She helped me to pick our race too.  I wasn't asking her to join me (she's pretty busy and this training will get time intense eventually), though I welcome having her along for the journey. 

I should not have been so surprised as she jumped in to join me for my first half (it was hers too!), and has been there with me for 3 of the 4 that I have ran so far.

I am blessed, I know this.  I not only have the opportunity to realize this dream, I get to keep great company along the way.

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