Sunday, July 5, 2015

do call it a comeback

you can't call it a comeback, or can you?

I never ran my marathon last year, for reasons I'll get to in a little bit.  So this isn't a comeback to a Marathon, because I still haven't run one.  I have fallen hard off of the running wagon, so can it be a comeback to running? Maybe, I think only time will tell.

So last year I abandoned my goal of training for a Marathon.  It was the hardest decision I've had to make in a long time.  Some may scoff at that idea, stop training for a marathon - sure!  However, I did not like it one bit.

I had three very good reasons to stop.  1. My best friend was getting married Sept 2014 (I was in the wedding) 2.My running partner (RP), whom I was training with and running the marathon with,  was getting married Sept 2014 (the week after my BF) & 3. My sister was getting married the weekend after the Wineglass Marathon.  NEVER in my life have I had this many weddings in a year, let alone a 5 week timeframe.  When the Wineglass marathon offered deferrals to the following year (2015), RP suggested that we put it off a year and I very reluctantly agreed.

So yes, I am coming back to the training (which I never started last year) for the marathon, which is on the 4th of October this year.  This time, I am going to have to do it alone.  RP, in all of her adjusting to married life misplaced the email with the code to re-register.  So this time around I somehow need to find the drive I had last fall and reignite it.

So this is a comeback to running as I, a runner without an anchor (the race goal), floated lazily away from the really good habits I had established over the first four years of my running life. I have been averaging 0-6 miles per week for the past nine months or more.  I've had plenty of excuses - I started my first job in 13+ years in August, I have 3 kids with busy schedules, I want to spend time with my family, it's cold, it's raining, it's hot, etc...  At my most committed, I was getting out at least three times a week, but most of the time it was four times a week.  Then it didn't matter what else I had going on or even what it wS doing outside. I trained for half marathons and improved my times as I went.  I need to get back to that, I want to get back to that.

So here is my goal, run four times a week and prepare myself for the Wineglass Marathon and finally earn that 26.2 bumper sticker I've had my eye on.  Feel free to check back in with me on my progress- help keep me honest, okay?

I have 13 weeks until the Marathon, I will do this.